Market Status

System Status

You can find the current status of our services, details of any current incident, and information about upcoming scheduled maintenance on CoinJar Status Page.

Available Trading Products

This table shows the products available to trade. Please note that fiat trading pairs (e.g. BTC/AUD) are limited to verified CoinJar customers only.

Product ID Base Counter Tick Size in Counter* Trade Size in Base* Status
BTCAUD BTC AUD 10 0.001 Active
ETHAUD ETH AUD 0.1 0.1 Active
ETHBTC ETH BTC 0.00001 0.1 Active
XRPAUD XRP AUD 0.0001 100 Active
XRPBTC XRP BTC 0.00000001 100 Active
LTCAUD LTC AUD 0.01 1 Active
LTCBTC LTC BTC 0.000001 1 Active
ZECAUD ZEC AUD 0.01 1 Active
ZECBTC ZEC BTC 0.000001 1 Active
BTC-USDC BTC USDC 1 0.01 Active
USDC-AUD USDC AUD 0.001 10 Active
ZRCAUD ZRX AUD 0.0001 100 Active
ZRXBTC ZRX BTC 0.00000001 100 Active
BATAUD BAT AUD 0.0001 100 Active
BATBTC BAT BTC 0.00000001 100 Active

* Tick size and trade size can change in real-time depending on the trading price of the asset. Please refer to Trading Rules > Prices and Sizes for more information.

Supported Assets

Digital Assets

Asset Code Name Precision Website
BTC Bitcoin 8
ETH Ethereum 9*
LTC Litecoin 8
ZEC Zcash 8
ZRX 0x Token 9*
BAT Basic Attention Token 9*

* CoinJar and CoinJar Exchange will truncate any excess decimal places when sending, receiving and transferring these assets.

Fiat Currencies

Asset Code Name Precision Website
AUD Australian Dollar 2