CoinJar Exchange provides a REST-style API for your applications to access public market data. If you are looking for an authenticated API for managing orders and accounts, please using the Trading API.

Requests and Responses

CoinJar Exchange Data API is a GET-only API with JSON responses. All parameters are supplied in the URL as query params.

We follow standard HTTP status codes for responses. If you receive a 4xx error, it is most likely a client error. If you receive a 5xx error, it is most likely a server error. All 2xx statuses should be considered successful.


CoinJar Exchange Data API does not require authentication. Please do not send your API key to this API.


The endpoint for CoinJar Exchange Trading API in production is If you are looking to access the Sandbox market, please use


CoinJar Exchange APIs only accept secure protocols (https and wss) for all requests.