Latency and Colocation

CoreMatch is capable of processing tens of thousands of requests per second with extremely low latencies. However, not all actions on CoinJar Exchange happen instantly. This table outlines the expected latencies for various actions in the trading lifecycle.

#StageDescriptionExpected latency (excluding network)
1Order PlacementREST API returns initial order status. Order information is available in orders API.<10ms
2Trade MatchWebSocket API sends order update, new fill, new trade, account balance updates, ticker update and orderbook updates.<10ms
3Trade RecordTrade information is archived and available in trades API and candles API.<1s
4Order RecordOrder information is archived and available in historical orders API.<1s
5Fill RecordFill information is archived and available in fills API.<60s
6SettlementSettlement occurs with buyer's and seller's settled account balance adjusted. Funds become withdrawable.<60s

Colocation Advisory

If you use the CoinJar Exchange API and your trading strategy relies on direct, low latency access to the matching engine, we advise hosting your trading application to a facility close to our primary region to minimise slippage due to network latency.

If your trading strategy also depends on low latency access to another exchange based in Sydney or London, we recommend hosting your trading application in Sydney or London to take advantage of the private connectivity between regions managed by CoinJar Exchange to minimise overall latency.

The following colocation advisory for select cloud and hosting platforms in the vicinity of the matching engine infrastructure has been provided for your reference:

Primary region

  • AWS: us-west-2
  • Google Cloud: us-west1
  • Azure: West US 2
  • Equinix: Seattle (SE2/SE3)
  • OVH: HIL-1

Secondary region in Australia

  • AWS: ap-southeast-2
  • Google Cloud: australia-southeast1
  • Azure: Australia East
  • Equinix: Sydney (SY1/SY2/SY3/SY4)
  • OVH: SYD-1

Secondary region in Europe

  • AWS: eu-west-2
  • Google Cloud: europe-west2
  • Azure: UK South
  • Equinix: Slough (LD4/LD5/LD6)
  • OVH: LON-1

Private connectivity option via Megaport

CoinJar has a presence within Equinix SE3 in Seattle, WA, United States. Eligible customers have the option to connect directly to CoinJar Exchange via a private, low latency link on Megaport, bypassing the public internet for enhanced security and performance.

To initiate a private peering connection with CoinJar Exchange, visit our profile on the Megaport Marketplace or contact your account representative.