Order Types

The only native order type supported by CoreMatch is limit (LMT). CoinJar Exchange also provides simulated market (MKT) orders by generating a series of IOC orders, but these generated orders are not blocking or atomic.

Limit (LMT) orders can have the following time-in-force options:

  • Good Till Cancelled (GTC): Default option. Orders are active until cancellation.
  • Immediate Or Cancel (IOC): Order is filled immediately and the remaining portion is cancelled. If partially filled, the remaining size is not revealed to the market.
  • Maker Or Cancel (MOC): Order is cancelled immediately if any part of the order would fill immediately. If cancelled, no order information is revealed to the market.
  • Auction Only (AO): Order participates in the upcoming auction. If partially filled or unfilled at the upcoming auction, it will be converted to GTC at which point the remaining size is revealed to the market.

In the future, CoinJar Exchange may introduce additional order types, such as Stop-Limit (STL) or algo order types.