Order Status

When a valid order is received by CoinJar Exchange, an initial state is returned immediately with no waiting period. The initial state can be one of the following:

  • booked: Order is received and being worked on. If order received partial fills, the order stays as booked with a non-zero filled value. If order has a time-in-force of AO, the order stays as booked until the end of the auction.
  • filled: Order is completely filled. A marketable order immediately transitions to this state.
  • cancelled: Order is cancelled. An initial status of cancelled indicates that the order no longer satisfies the time-in-force setting (e.g. non-marketable IOC order). If order received partial fills before being cancelled, the order status is cancelled with a non-zero filled value.

Both filled and cancelled states are permanent. Orders in the booked will transition to filled when it is completely filled, or cancelled if it is cancelled by the account holder.